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bochs: think inside the bochs. 

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A Window, Tux, and the BSD Daemon
Disk Images with Pre-installed Systems

We are trying to collect a minimal hard disk or floppy disk image for all free supported operating systems that Bochs can run. More info...

Other disk images are available from the files section of the Bochs project page on SourceForge

  • [   ] FreeDOS
    10-meg hard disk image which boots into FreeDOS.

  • [   ] Linux
    4-meg hard disk image which boots into Linux.

  • [   ] DLX Linux
    A 10-meg disk that boots DLX Linux (1.3.x kernel).

  • [   ] OpenBSD
    Bootable floppy image.

  • [   ] Pragma Linux
    Floppy image that boots Pragma Linux.

Other Images

SF Disk Image Links

Other Disk Image Links
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