2.11. How to add keymapping in a GUI client

Christophe Bothamy, wrote the keymapping code for Bochs, provided these instructions to help developers to add keymapping to a GUI.

Bochs creates a bx_keymap_c object named bx_keymap.
This object allows you to :
  - load the configuration specified keymap file
  - get the translated BX_KEY_* from your GUI key

You have to provide a translation function from string to your Bit32u key
constant. Casting will be necessary if your key constants are not Bit32u typed.
The function must be "static Bit32u (*)(const char *)" typed, and must return
BX_KEYMAP_UNKNOWN if it can not translate the parameter string.

What you have to do is :
  - call once "void loadKeymap(Bit32u (*)(const char*))",
    providing your translation function, to load the keymap
  - call "Bit32u getBXKey(Bit32u)" that returns the BX_KEY_*
    constant, for each key you want to map.

The file gui/x.cc implements this architecture, so you can refer to it
as an example.