2.2. Directory Structure

Table 2-1. Directory structure

biosSystem and VGA BIOS images, system BIOS sources and makefile
buildadditional stuff required for building Bochs on different platforms
bx_debugthe builtin Bochs debugger
cputhe cpu emulation sources
cpu/avxsources for emulating AVX instructions
cpu/cpudbsources for emulating different cpu models
cpu/fputhe fpu emulation sources
disasmthe disassembler for the Bochs debugger
doc/docbookthe Bochs documentation in DocBook format
doc/manBochs manual pages
docs-htmlold Bochs documentation in HTML (will be replaced by DocBook)
guidisplay libraries (guis), the simulator interface and text mode config interface
gui/bitmapsbitmaps for the headerbar
gui/fontthe default VGA font used by most of the display libraries
gui/keymapskeymaps for the keyboard mapping feature
hosthost specific drivers (currently only used by the pcidev kernel module for Linux)
instrumentdirectory tree for the instrumentation feature
iodevstandard PC devices, PCI core devices
iodev/displaydisplay adapters (vga, cirrus, voodoo)
iodev/hdimagesupport for different disk image types and lowlevel cdrom access
iodev/networkingnetworking devices and lowlevel modules
iodev/soundsound devices and lowlevel modules
iodev/usbUSB HCs and pluggable devices
memorymemory management and ROM loader
miscuseful utilities (e.g. bximage, niclist)
misc/sb16tool to control the SB16 emulation from the guest side
patchespending patches