5.2. Updating the Bochs website content

The main HTML content of the Bochs website (except online documentation) is stored in the sfsite directory of the Bochs SVN repository. Unlike other SF projects you don't need to upload these files to the Bochs project webspace. Running a simple SVN update on the SF shell is enough after the files have been updated in the repository. Please see Setting up SVN write access for general instructions. The only difference is the directory name sfsite instead of bochs. The example below shows how to start the SF shell with SSH and to update the HTML files.

ssh -t vruppert,bochs@shell.sourceforge.net create
vruppert,bochs@shell.sourceforge.net's password:

Requesting a new shell for "vruppert" and waiting for it to start.
queued... starting...

This is an interactive shell created for user vruppert,bochs.
Use the "timeleft" command to see how much time remains before shutdown.
Use the "shutdown" command to destroy the shell before the time limit.
For path information and login help, type "sf-help".

[vruppert@shell-24002 ~]$ cd /home/project-web/bochs/htdocs/
[vruppert@shell-24002 htdocs]$ svn update
U    index.html
Updated to revision 10752
[vruppert@shell-24002 htdocs]$ shutdown
Requesting that your shell be shut down.
This request will be processed soon.
[vruppert@shell-24002 htdocs]$
Broadcast message from root (Mon Oct 31 09:45:04 2011):

The system is going down for system halt NOW!
Connection to shell-24002 closed by remote host.
Connection to shell-24002 closed.
Connection to shell.sourceforge.net closed.