Chapter 5. Webmastering

5.1. Bochs project webspace

The Bochs project webspace is stored under the SF directory /home/project-web/bochs. It can be accessed from the SF shell using SSH or with the commands sftp, scp and rsync. Some parts of the directory structure must be updated from the local CVS repository, others from Bochs SVN (directories bochs and sfsite). The online documentation, disk images and screenshots must be uploaded manually.

Table 5-1. Directory structure

cgi-binCGI scripts for the website
htdocsroot directory of the website
htdocs/doc/docbookBochs online documentation
htdocs/docs-htmlold Bochs documentation
htdocs/guestosdisk images directly stored on the Bochs website
htdocs/screenshotscreenshots of Bochs running several guest operating systems
htdocs/svn-snapshotlink to current snapshot
htdocs/techspectechnical specifications of several hardware components
lxrBochs source browser
sfsite-cvsrootlocal CVS repository
sitebinshell scripts (e.g. for snapshot generation)
sitemanwebsite manual pages
snapshotSVN snapshot storage area
tmptemp directory for shell scripts