Chapter 3. Conventions

Put a &FIXME; near things that need to be fixed up. A &FIXME; causes the under construction symbol to appear, like this .

A &NEEDHELP; indicates, that you need someone's help in order to document something, you don't know for sure. This is mostly the case if you need inside information from a developer. The symbol looks like this: .

Don't get confused because &FIXME; looks the same as &NEEDHELP; - this is just for the moment. When you like to use one of them, think of what it should mean, instead of how it looks like: Take &FIXME; if you have great ideas of what to document, but have no time or no knowledge about it, or just noticed something wrong or outdated. &NEEDHELP; instead should be used to request help on something (see above).

This is just a first try to clearify the difference between &NEEDHELP; and &FIXME;.

To maintain a consistent spelling, some "problem words" are mentioned here, along with a hint on how to spell them.

Table 3-1. list of problem words

BochsBochs is written with a leading capital letter.
bochsrc This is what the Bochs configuration file should be refered as. It is a good compromise between what is common on Unix and what is possible on Windows (file names starting with a dot aren't easy to create). Remember to use <filename>bochsrc</filename>.
CD-ROMThis abbreviation is written in all capital letters, with a hyphen in between.
Unix Unix is written using a leading capital letter, followed by all lower-case letters. See the Unix entry in Wikipedia.

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