Chapter 7. Feedback and Support

7.1. The Bochs project on SourceForge

The Bochs project page on SourceForge provides these features:

7.1.1. SourceForge tickets section (bug and patch trackers)

There are some requirements when submitting bug reports, patches and feature requests for Bochs to make it easier to reproduce bugs and test patches. Reporting errors from Bochs compilation

When reporting errors while building Bochs to the bochs-developers mailing list or the SF bug tracker for the Bochs project, this information is required to fix the issue:

  • host platorm / build environment

  • Bochs release version or SVN revision

  • configure options used

  • full error message

  • config.log output if configure failure

  • source file name and line number if compile error

Before reporting us the issue, make sure that a similar one hasn't been already reported or someone created a patch to fix it. If you are familiar with C++ and you can write some code to fix your problem, you can post it in the bochs-developers mailing list or submit the patch in SF patch tracker for Bochs. Reporting Bochs runtime issues

If Bochs does not work properly (e.g. panic, segfault, malfunction of emulated device) we need some information to find out what's going on:

  • Bochs version used (version number if binary release / SVN revision if self-compiled)

  • host platorm / build environment (if self-compiled)

  • bochsrc options used

  • error message (if panic or program termination)

  • log file output (related section only if too big) Submitting a patch for Bochs

Patches for Bochs should be provided in the "unified diff" format. In addition to the patch file and a detailed description this information is required:

  • patch applies to Bochs release version / SVN revision

  • test case (if required)

When you are are interested in writing a patch to fix bugs or add new features, you should have a look at the developer documentation. For some parts of the Bochs code we have already written some basic information.