1.8. Supported Platforms

The following table shows the supported platforms with a small description and the available display libraries on these platforms. The display library is the code that displays the Bochs VGA screen and handles keyboard and mouse events.

Table 1-2. Supported platforms

PlatformDescriptionDisplay Libraries
Unix/X11 X windows has always been well supported because it was Kevin Lawton's main development platform. Bryce Denney maintains the Unix/X11 platform now. Most features and fixes (not all) are tried first in Unix and then ported to the others; see Section 3.4 for compile instructions. x, sdl, sdl2, wx, term, rfb, vncsrv
Win32 This port was done by David Ross and is now maintained by Don Becker. You can compile with Microsoft Visual C++, see Section 3.4.4 for compile instructions, or Cygwin, see Section 3.4.5. win32, sdl, sdl2, wx, rfb
MacOS X Emmanuel Mailliard ported the Macintosh code to MacOS X with Carbon API. Jeremy Parsons (Br'fin) has been maintaining the MacOS X port since March 2002; see Section 3.4.7 for compile instructions. carbon, x, rfb, sdl, sdl2
PowerPC-Macintosh David Batterham ported Bochs to the Mac. He compiled with CodeWarrior Pro R1 (CW12) but has not had time to maintain the Mac port since early 2000. If you have Mac development tools and want to contribute, contact the bochs-developers mailing list; see Section 3.4.6 for compile instructions. macos
Amiga/MorphOS This port is written and maintained by Nicholai Benalal, see Section 3.4.8 for compile instructions. amigaos