8.19. Notes about VESA usage

Since Bochs 1.4 it is possible to use VESA graphics. There are some limitations in the current implementation, but in general it should work ok (we have run several test programs, the XFree86 VESA display driver, etc.)

In order to use VESA VBE, you need to enable it in your bochsrc by setting the vga option to vbe. Finally, you need to use the LGPL'd VGABIOS as vgaromimage option for applications to correctly detect VESA support.

Note: The VGABIOS is already included in the Bochs release, so no separate download is necessary.

Note: To take advantage of the VBE, you must tell Bochs to use the LGPL'd VGA BIOS version 0.4c or higher. A current version of the VGA BIOS will work.

Current limitations:

Interesting Facts:

8.19.1. Instructions to setup Bochs VBE in Windows Guest OS

This was contributed by Martin Bochnig in February 2004.

Instructions for Win95/98:
I can only confirm that SciTech finally made a VBE driver
for Windows. It works out of the box, at least with win95
as guest OS, provided you use Bochs 2.1 with the LGPL

Here is how I did it :
- install win95 with the vga driver.
- download sdd 7 beta from http://www.majorgeeks.com/download382.html
- download pmhelp.vxd from http://unununium.org/viewcvs/snap/redist/release/pmhelp.vxd
- copy pmhelp.vxd to the win95 system directory
- install sdd7

800x600 and 1024x768 in 16 and 24 bpp modes here.
I did not try 32bpp.

This was contributed by Stanislav Shwartsman in September 2004.

Instructions for Win2000/XP:

Bochs VBE Display Drivers for Windows NT/2000