8.5. Win32 only: Tools to manipulate disk images

8.5.1. Winimage

Someone on the bochs-developers mailing list mentioned that they use a program called WinImage, from www.winimage.com to read and write disk images (floppy and hard disk). Winimage is a commercial product with a 30-day trial.

If anyone wants to write a tutorial, send mail to bochs-developers mailing list and volunteer.

8.5.2. DiskExplorer

This section was contributed by Luca Cassioli and Stanislav Shwartsman

I eventually found what all of you were looking for for a long time: a freeware, graphical, win32 compatible HardDisk image editor! It can handle a large variety of formats, but the one you need is VMWARE 2.0 PLAIN DISK: you can import/export to/from Bochs images COMPLETE DIRECTORIES!

You can find it at http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA013937/editdisk/index_e.html

8.5.3. Ben Lunt's MTOOLs for Bochs and Win32 and/or DOS

Ben Lunt wrote a set of utilities for Dos/Win32 to manipulate flat disk images.

You can find it at http://www.fysnet.net/mtools.htm

These utilities includes :