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Current Release:
Bochs 2.6.8
bochs: think inside the bochs. 

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A Window, Tux, and the BSD Daemon
Latest release: Bochs 2.6.8

Bochs 2.6.8 is an intermediate (bugfix+) release. Here is the summary of changes :
  • Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (critical bugfix for x86-64 emulation).
  • Memory type calculation support for Bochs debugger and instrumentation.
  • Added Pentium (P54C) and Broadwell ULT CPU models.
  • Full save/restore support for enhanced gui debugger settings.
  • Added Oracle(tm) VM VirtualBox image support (VDI version 1.1).
  • SB16: Ported OPL3 emulation from DOSBox.
  • Major rewrite of the lowlevel sound code (mixer thread, more detailed configuration, WAV file output).
  • Bugfixes in the floppy, lowlevel cdrom, rombios, slirp and win32 gui code.
The binary packages for Linux and Windows are built with these features :
  • x86-64 emulation with all optimizations enabled
  • devices:
    • chipset: PCI (i430FX / i440FX), ACPI
    • video: Bochs VBE, Cirrus SVGA and Voodoo1
    • sound: SB16 (ISA) and ES1370 (PCI)
    • network: NE2000 (ISA/PCI) and E1000 (PCI)
    • USB: OHCI, UHCI, xHCI and 7 pluggable device types
  • Display libraries:
    • Linux: nogui, rfb, sdl, term, vncsrv, wx, x
    • Windows: nogui, rfb, win32
Details on what has changed since version 2.6.7

Previous release: Bochs 2.6.7

Bochs 2.6.7 is an intermediate (bugfix+) release. Here is the summary of changes :
  • CPU: implemented AVX-512BW/AVX-512DQ/AVX-512VL extensions emulation.
  • CPU: implemented AVX512-IFMA532 instructions emulation.
  • CPU: implemented AVX512-VBMI instructions emulation.
  • Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness
  • The VGA update timer and the status LED timer now always use the realtime mode independent from the 'clock' option setting.
  • Added native SDL2 GUI support to Bochs. To enable configure with --with-sdl2.
  • Write enhanced gui debugger settings to file on exit and restore on initialization.
  • USB xHCI model now emulates a NEC/Renesas uPD720202 device
  • ROM BIOS: fixed int74_function() for 4-byte (wheel mouse) packets.
  • LGPL'd VGABIOS updated from CVS (fixed building VBE modes list)
  • Visual Studio workspace files updated to VS2013Ex format.

Details on what has changed since version 2.6.6

Bochs Binary and Source Releases

The latest release of Bochs is available in these file formats :
  • Win32 binary NSIS installer package (EXE)
  • Win32 binary with P4 CPU + SMP support (ZIP) - Bochs installation is required
  • Win64 binary - Bochs installation is required
  • Linux binary RPM (32 / 64 bit)
  • Platform independant source package (TAR.GZ)
  • Win32 specific source package prepared for MSVC (ZIP)
  • Linux source RPM
You can download any release since March 2001 on the Releases Page.

Download SVN Snapshot

SVN Snapshot: Bochs, like many other open source projects, uses SVN (Subversion) to keep track of source code. Unlike the current release, the SVN version of the sources contains everything the developers have written to this date, and it can change daily (or even hourly). As a result, the SVN version of Bochs will have more features and bug fixes than the release, but also it may be somewhat less stable. You can decide if you prefer to go exploring and try out our newest code, or stick with the better-tested release.

This snapshot is from Thu Mar 23 19:17:46 UTC 2017
The SVN snapshots are provided as a convenience only. Of course, you could also get the same information using SVN itself. Some of the benefits of using SVN directly are: you can get any release or version, view the log messages that say what files were changed, and make patches very easily with "svn diff -u".
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