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Current Release:
Bochs 2.6.2
bochs: think inside the bochs. 

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A Window, Tux, and the BSD Daemon
Latest release: Bochs 2.6.2

Bochs 2.6.2 is a bugfix release. Here is the list of changes :
  • CPU
    • VMX: implemented VMENTER to non-active guest state (HLT, SHUTDOWN, WAIT-FOR-SIPI)
    • VMX: fixed write of guest segment access rights VMCS fields (32-bit field was truncated to 16-bit)
    • CPUID: Don't report Architectural Performance Monitoring in CPUID. Reporting true capabilities without actually supporting them breaks Win7 x64 installation.
    • CPUID: Fixed bx_generic CPUID std leafs (all std leafs > 2 were corrupted)
    • CPUID: Enable all supported VMX capabilities for bx_generic CPUID configuration.
    • CPUID: Enable X2APIC support for Ivy Bridge CPUDB configuration.
  • Configure and compile
    • Enabled VMX compilation by default in shortcut scripts.
    • Allow CPU_LEVEL=5 configurations (pentium_mmx and amd_k2_chomper) even when Bochs was compiled with CPU_LEVEL > 5.
  • Misc
    • Fixes for Bochs port on MorphOS (based on a patch by Thore Sittly): missing functions, byte-swapping and cdrom support.
The binary packages for Linux and Windows are built with these featues :
  • x86-64 emulation with all optimizations enabled
  • devices:
    • chipset: PCI (i430FX / i440FX), ACPI
    • video: Bochs VBE, Cirrus SVGA and Voodoo1
    • sound: SB16 (ISA) and ES1370 (PCI)
    • network: NE2000 (ISA/PCI) and E1000 (PCI)
    • USB: OHCI, UHCI, xHCI and 7 pluggable device types
  • Display libraries:
    • Linux: nogui, rfb, sdl, term, wx, x
    • Windows: nogui, rfb, win32
Details on what has changed since version 2.6.1

Previous release: Bochs 2.6.1

About seven months after release 2.6 we have a new intermediate (bugfix+) release. Here is the summary of changes :
    • Bochs is fully aligned with rev45 of the of Intel(R) Architecture Manual.
      • Implemented Supervisor Mode Access Protection (SMAP) support
      • Implemented VMX APIC Registers Virtualization and VMX Virtual Interrupt Delivery
      • Implemented VMCS Shadowing and #VE exception secondary VMEXIT controls emulation
      • Implemented RDRAND and RDSEED instructions
    • CPUDB: Added AMD FX-4100 (Zambezi) configuration to CPUDB
    • Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (critical fixes for SVM and AVX2 emulation)
  • Bochs Debugger and Instrumentation
    • Use Enhanced GUI Debugger instead of old-style wx debugger with wx gui. The old-style wx debugger support was deprecated and removed from the source code.
  • I/O Devices
    • Implemented 3dfx Voodoo Graphics card emulation based on DOSBox patch, to enable configure with --enable-voodoo option.
    • Hard drive / HD image
      • Added full save restore support for most of the disk image formats
      • undoable / volatile mode: added support of other types of r/o base images
      • DLL HD support rewritten and enabled for WIN32 host
    • PCI chipset
      • Implemented i430FX chipset emulation
      • USB UHCI always enabled in the i440FX case
  • Config interface
    • Configure option --enable-misaligned-sse moved to runtime option in .bochsrc. The old option is deprecated and should not be used anymore.
    • moved 'user_shortcut' bochsrc option to the 'keyboard' option
    • save log options per device to bochsrc
    • win32: implemented scrollable dialog items for large parameter lists
  • GUI and display libraries
    • Graphics snapshot feature rewritten to support all kinds of graphics modes
    • wx: starting a second simulation without closing Bochs now almost possible
  • Tools
    • bxcommit: added support for converting flat to growing mode images

Details on what has changed since version 2.6

Bochs Binary and Source Releases

The latest release of Bochs is available in these file formats :
  • Win32 binary NSIS installer package (EXE)
  • Win32 binary with x86-64 CPU + SMP support (ZIP) - Bochs installation is required
  • Win64 binary - Bochs installation is required
  • Linux binary RPM (32 / 64 bit)
  • Platform independant source package (TAR.GZ)
  • Win32 specific source package prepared for MSVC (ZIP)
  • Linux source RPM
You can download any release since March 2001 on the Releases Page.

Download SVN Snapshot

SVN Snapshot: Bochs, like many other open source projects, uses SVN (Subversion) to keep track of source code. Unlike the current release, the SVN version of the sources contains everything the developers have written to this date, and it can change daily (or even hourly). As a result, the SVN version of Bochs will have more features and bug fixes than the release, but also it may be somewhat less stable. You can decide if you prefer to go exploring and try out our newest code, or stick with the better-tested release.

This snapshot is from Tue Apr 22 20:57:46 UTC 2014
The SVN snapshots are provided as a convenience only. Of course, you could also get the same information using SVN itself. Some of the benefits of using SVN directly are: you can get any release or version, view the log messages that say what files were changed, and make patches very easily with "svn diff -u".
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