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Bochs 2.6.9
bochs: think inside the bochs. 

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A Window, Tux, and the BSD Daemon
Bochs-related Links
  • Ben Lunt's MTOOLS for win32. Mtools allows you to read and write files inside a DOS/Windows disk image file. For other platforms, visit the Mtools main site for source code.
  • Don Becker's Bochs-Win32 page contains binaries for Windows platforms.
  • Bochs-RFB, also by Don Becker, allows you to access the emulated system via the VNC Viewer from AT&T. Don's Bochs-RFB code is now integrated into Bochs as of version 1.2.pre1.
  • Christophe Bothamy has written an Open Source VGA BIOS, distributed under the LGPL.
  • BFE is a graphical debugger interface for Bochs by Brand Huntsman.
  • Georg Potthast has written a guide and tutorial for running Bochs on Windows.
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