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A Window, Tux, and the BSD Daemon
Related Projects
  • Plex86 has been rehashed/revitalized to offer a very lightweight Virtual Machine (VM) for running Linux/x86. Rather than implement a full and heavyweight VM which can run all guest Operating Systems, the new approach is designed to run only Linux VMs, making the new plex86 architecture on the order of 10x or 100x more simplistic.
  • QEMU is a generic and open source processor emulator which achieves a good emulation speed by using dynamic translation.
  • Vmware is a commercial virtual PC type system for Linux and Windows-based PC's. According to their FAQ, " VMware Workstation runs multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Novell NetWare, simultaneously on a single PC in fully networked, portable virtual machines."
  • WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) is creating an implementation of the Win32 API's for POSIX-based operating systems. The project says it currently has 90% of the API's implemented. WINE is open source software licensed under a GNU LGPL license.
  • Connectix Virtual PC is still another commercial virtual PC implementation. Connectix Corporation was bought by Microsoft in February 2003. Their FAQ says, "Connectix Virtual PC for Windows is a client based software virtualization application that allows you to simultaneously run multiple operating systems on a single PC."
  • Virtutech Simics is a commercial simulator that can target IA32, IA64, Sparc, Alpha, ARM, PowerPC, and MIPS architectures. From their website: "Virtutech Simics is a full system simulation platform that provides a controlled, deterministic, and fully virtualized environment. It simulates both uniprocessor and multiprocessor systems, provides a common infrastructure for a broad variety of tasks, including: microprocessor design; memory hierarchy design; component development and testing; automated software quality testing; SoC virtual prototypes; hardware-software co-simulation; and the development of firmware, drivers, and operating systems."
  • Bernhard Bablok has created a Bochs Tools page. "You want to run your favorite Linux-installation with the Bochs-Emulator but you think it is too tedious to install it from within Bochs? Bochs-Tools are the solution for your problem. With Bochs-Tools, cloning an existing OS-installation to a Bochs-image is only a matter of a few commands. "
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